Greyhound Bus Lines


The Clarence Muehlberger Travel Center is now an E-Stop for Greyhound Bus Lines. All tickets and bus tracking must be done electronically through the Greyhound website. No tickets will be available for purchase through the Clarence Muehlberger Travel Center.


Please visit the Greyhound Website to view the Greyhound bus schedule

Greyhound Bus Tracker

To track a Greyhound bus, please reference the above Bus Route Number and follow the link to the Greyhound bus tracking system.

Wichita Falls Travel Center After Hours Procedures

The purpose of this policy is to address how the Travel Center personnel will handle any situation where  a Greyhound bus is running late on its scheduled arrival time in Wichita Falls and in turn could cause passengers to  have to wait outside the Travel Center after closing time (6:00 pm).

Any Greyhound bus that is scheduled to arrive in Wichita Falls prior to the 6:00 pm closing time, that is running late and will not arrive before the building closes at 6:00 pm, it is the on duty employees' responsibility to keep ln contact and update the Supervisor with information regarding the late arriving bus or buses. Passengers required to wait at the Travel Center, beyond the closing time, will NOT be put out of the Travel Center if:

  • The outside temperature is expected to drop below 35 degrees F, or
  • There is a threat of severe thunderstorms and/or heavy rain in the area, or
  • The late bus will arrive at the Travel Center no later than one hour past closing time.

The onsite Travel Center representative will contact the Supervisor, who will determine if the Travel Center will remain open until the late bus arrives, or if arrangements will be made for passengers to be taken via taxi to the next Greyhound station.

The Travel Center will not remain open for any passengers holding a ticket for any Greyhound bus scheduled to depart after the Travel Center closes at 6:00 pm.

Greyhound passengers who contact the WF Police dispatcher concerning any part of this policy will be required to give the dispatcher the following information so that Travel Center personnel can contact the passenger for clarification of the policy and to answer any questions.

  • Passenger's name
  • Passenger's phone number
  • Bus ticket confirmation number

Any passenger holding a ticket for a bus that is scheduled to depart Wichita Falls after the Travel Center's 6:00 pm closing time will be responsible for their own shelter from the elements. It is recommended that passengers remain in personal vehicles, make arrangements to arrive at the Center just prior to departure time, or remain with the companion bringing passenger. Passengers should be instructed to go to to track their bus and to find out the departure time from Wichita Falls.