What's New

Electronic Farebox

FallsRide will be adding an electronic farebox in late spring. This will eliminate paper card passes and allow passengers to use a reloadable card and the TouchPass Transit app on their phones, which can also be used as a payment option. Cash will still be accepted. 

UMO  (1)

Click the links to download the UMO app, available for iOS and Android

Travel training ambassador program

The Travel Training Ambassador Program is your ticket to the freedom of public transit. This program is available so passengers can meet with a travel trainer to cover the basics of public transportation, or ride with a trainer on the bus. Working with a qualified instructor, the participant quickly learns to ride regular route buses.   

 Learn how to:

  • plan your trip
  • emergency procedures 
  • appropriate social behavior
  • pay your fare
  • read and understand schedules
  • recognize bus numbers, stops and landmarks
  • how to determine appropriate routes

Travel Training allows people to feel confident and comfortable using the bus system, and gain the independence that comes with transportation options. If interested in becoming a Travel Training Ambassador, please contact FallsRide at (940) 761-7433.