Travel Center Conference Room

Travel Center Conference Room FAQ's

Q: Who can rent the Conference Room?

A: The Travel Center Conference Room is to be used primarily as a space for City and City-sponsored events and organizations at no charge. Travel Center Supervisor may limit the private rental (at a sufficient cost) to private “not for profits”, dependent on availability. The room will NOT be available to “for profit” organizations.

Q: What is the cost of the Conference Room?

A: The cost of rental for private “not for profits” will be $35.00 per hour and must be paid at the time of reservation is made as well a refundable security deposit of $75.00. Events past the Travel Center operating hours will incur an additional $10.00/hr fee. 

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Q: Can I bring food and beverages into the Conference Room?

A: The serving of food and beverages must be pre-approved by Travel Center Supervisor at the time of rental for a charge of $25.00. There is not a kitchen area in which to use for the food or beverages as well as no cooking is allowed.

Q: Where can I park?

A: Parking is to be in the MPEC parking lot behind the Travel Center.

Q: Who sets up the Conference Room?

A: The renting party will set-up and tear down the Conference Room as well as clean-up after event. Tables, chairs, and floor should be cleaned and trash placed in appropriate containers at the conclusion of your event.

Q: How many does the Conference Room hold?

A: The Conference Room can comfortably seat up to 40 with or without tables.

Conference Room Rental Agreement

For more information please contact the Travel Center Supervisor or Assistant Supervisor at 940-761-7925 to make arrangements to sign the Travel Center Contract.
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