WasteWater Collections


The Waste Water Collections Department in Wichita Falls is responsible for any and all repair of sanitary sewer mains, manholes, and cleanouts. They also use various types of equipment to maintain your sewer system.

Typical Vehicles and Equipment Used

Jet Rod Truck

Jet Rod

Camera Truck

Camera Truck

Camera Equipment

Camera Equipment 1

Camera Equipment

Camera Equipment 2

Small Cleaning Unit

Small Cleaning 1

Small Cleaning Unit

Small Cleaning 2

Typical Work for Sewer Crews

Manhole repair

Manhole Repair

Removal of concrete surface

Removal of Concrete Surface

Removal of old manhole

Removal of Old Manhole and Pipes

Installation of new pipes

Installation of New Pipes

Set concrete around pipes

Set Concrete Around Pipes

Set the first section of manhole

Set the First Section of the Manhole

Smooth to proper flow

Smooth to Proper Flow

Prepare for new concrete

Street Crews Prepare for New Concrete

Teamwork produces a successful project

Excellent Teamwork Produces a Successful Project