Public Education

What is Storm Water?

Storm Water is water from either rain or snow melt that runs off streets, parking lots, roofs, yards, and other surfaces into storm water pipes, ditches and culverts. Storm Water ultimately winds up in the Wichita River, Holiday Creek, Plum Creek, or Lake Wichita.

Storm water runoff can be an environmental concern. Pollutants can enter surface waters such as our lakes, creeks, streams, and other natural waters when they are picked by storm water. Daily activities result in the deposit of pollutants on roads, lawns, roofs, and farms, which create polluted runoff when irrigation or precipitation events introduce the contaminants into the receiving waters

Common Pollutants Include

  • Lawn fertilizers and pesticides
  • Oil, grease, and fuel
  • Household garbage, leaves, and grass clippings
  • Pet wastes
  • Construction activities

Get Involved

There are many ways to become involved with protecting the Storm Water systems in the City of Wichita Falls. Civic organizations and citizens may volunteer to participate in any of the following ways. Call 761-7670 for more information.