Circle Trail


The bridge on the Circle Trail at the Falls is being replaced.  As a result, the Falls is off and the trail is closed to all traffic at that location. 
Falls Bridge Replacement - 02
Lucy Park CyclistWichita Falls has a trail system that rivals that of much larger metropolitan areas. It presently consists of over 18 miles of concrete trail.

The first concrete trail was built in Lucy Park in 1987. Since that time there have been another 14 miles of concrete trails constructed primarily along the Wichita River and along Holliday Creek. Two new sections of trail opened in 2012 -- a 1.7 mile segment along Barnett Road from the Johnson Road intersection to Lake Road, and a 1.8 mile segment along Seymour Highway from the BNSF railroad to the new Wichita Bluff Nature Area. A trail going from the Wichita Bluff parking lot to Loop 11 is presently under construction. Three additional connector trails are planned that will complete the "circle." The resulting city-wide Circle Trail will be approximately 24 miles.

Almost all of the trails are 10 foot wide reinforced concrete. They can be used for walking, jogging, bicycling, and roller blading. Nothing motorized is allowed except for official city vehicles.

Learning to Rollerblade

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