Grease Trap Program Fees

The following are the current fees for the Grease Trap Program. There are additional requirements as well as on-site inspection of facility required before a permit can be issued. All fees listed are for a period of one year.

Grease Trap Permit Fee



In addition to the Grease Trap Fee, grease traps are also regulated under the Industrial Pretreatment Program which prohibits the discharge of Fats, Oils, or Grease (FOG) in excess of 500 mg/l. Any permitted establishment that has FOG in excess of this amount is subject to both surcharge fees and possible loss of permit for this excess. Surcharge rates are as follows:

FOG Amount
Surcharge Rate
Surcharge per Consumption Unit
0-100 mg/lStandard Rate0
101-300 mg/lRate A$0.075
301-500 mg/lRate B$0.15
500+ mg/l ProhibitedRate C$0.225