Touring Wichita Falls History, A Journey Through Time...

Preserving and Promoting History
The Wichita Falls Landmark Commission is delighted to present Touring Wichita Falls History, A Journey Through Time. The tour brochure and narrated audio version, available for downloading from this page, provide a wonderful view into historic neighborhoods, City museums and lost historic sites in Wichita Falls.

Touring Wichita Falls History Brochure

Historic Photos, Tour Map and More
The brochure features beautiful historic photographs, an easy to follow map for touring and entertaining stories for your enjoyment. The brochures are available from:
•Convention & Visitor's Bureau 940-716-5500
•Wichita Falls TX Travel Center 940-723-7931
•Eight City Museums 940-761-7401
•City Public Information Office 940-761-7401
Wee Chi Tah-Web_thumb.jpg Introduction and Overview
Wichita Falls has a diverse history showcased in the historic sites brochure. It includes designated sites that are in the National Register, Texas Recorded and City Landmarks along with areas and sites of historical interest that are yet to be designated.

Download Audio Introduction
The Brochure and Audio Version Include:
Section I
Historic Neighborhoods: Featuring nine neighborhoods (A-I) with many additional areas of interest.
Section II
Historic Museums: A colorful introduction to eight of the City's most popular museums
Section III
Wichita Falls...Forever Altered...Forever Lost: A glimpse at altered or lost historic sites and buildings

Aerial of City-A Web2.jpg
LaSalleCrossing PhotoA Web.jpg Section 1: Historic Neighborhoods (A-E)
Currently encompassing six city blocks the downtown historic district was designated in 1976 as a reminder of the town's "boom days."

Downloadable Audio Sections
A. Depot Square Historic District
B. Eastside Neighborhood
C. City's Original Townsite Neighborhood
D. Southland Neighborhood/Brook Village
E. Fillmore Neighborhood
Floral Heights-Web .jpg Section 1: Historic Neighborhoods (F-I)
The Historic District was the town's original commercial center with streets lined with imposing Romanesque and Victorian Commercial style buildings.

Downloadable Audio Sections
F. Morningside Natl. Historic District
G. West Floral Heights Historic District
H. Indian Heights Neighborhood
I. Country Club Neighborhood
Section 2: Historic Museums and Sites
The City of Wichita Falls has eleven museums and historic sites, eight of which are featured in the brochure. During a visit to these places and museums you will experience the rich history of Wichita Falls through unique and historically significant collections from our past, from around the world as well as the latest art and sculpture sweeping the nation.

Downloadable Audio Section
KellHouseFamily PhotoA Web.jpg
St JamesHotel Web.jpg Section 3: Forever Lost Wichita Falls
This section is dedicated to the memory of our community's lost or forever altered historic sites.
For Wichita Falls this means the destruction or loss of the historic and beautiful Union Station, Lake Wichita Pavilion, Texan Hotel, several others and the ill-advised alteration of the County Courthouse.

We encourage you to become active in the historic preservation efforts of your community. Future generations are depending on your dilligence.
-Thank you, Landmark Commission Members

Downloadable Audio Section